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MSL works with International, National, and Local suppliers and Partners to create robust, responsive, and reliable solutions to deliver food and non-food items to our customers and projects. Our procurement ensures the creation of long-lasting partnerships with qualified suppliers and optimizing processes without compromising our standards and also the strict Oil and Gas standards that we work. MSL has warehouses in Kampala and in the Albertine region which ensure smooth Logistical operations for our supplies. ​

With local communities being a focus for most of our purchases, MSL adds value to the community by supporting them in good practices of producing acceptable goods and services but also where the communities cannot supply, our International partners and suppliers are quick to execute.

Food and Non Food Supplies

Food Supplies

With the quality required for our ingredients and the food menus we create, we require both local and international reliable suppliers to keep the standards. With state of art kitchen equipment and both trained local and international staff, we ensure that the best food supplies are intentionally sourced from our reliable suppliers with standards and quality in mind.  All our major food suppliers are ISO and HACCP certified and undergo annual screening programs to ensure quality and standards.

The Oil and Gas industry is strict on standards and we understand what it's like to offer the best to our clients so that they get value for money.

Non Food Supplies

Our clients want a single point of contact within their contracts, and MSL  provides support services and manages the purchasing and logistics of nonfood items. From quote vetting, and storage to installation plans in collaboration with our clients openly and transparently.

Our non-food range includes 

  • Machinery

  • Tools,

  • Beddings

  • Spares and Service parts,

  • Gym equipment,

  • Entertainment equipment,

  • Cleaning products,

  • Toiletries

  • Civil items

  • Office products, and other supplies.

These supplies are needed in the day-to-day affairs of running the camps and are critical for livelihood, especially in the remote harsh installations where we operate.

Transport Logistics

From Human movement to Goods, Special Supplies and Equipment, we have the means to move the resources to where the client would want them moved within their operations

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